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10 ways to know if you’re a mom who blogs/writes.

#1. Your so knee-deep into the post/chapter you are writing that you don’t realize you just agreed your son could have ice cream and gummy bears for lunch.

#2.Your keyboard has gunk stuck in the crevices from todays breakfast, yesterdays dinner, and the last month’s worth of meals.

#3. Your daughter says, “I want to be like mommy when I grow up and stare at my computer.”

#4. You stay up WAY too late because that’s your only “alone” time to type, and wake up suddenly the next morning with little square mesh marks on your face, to find your daughter saying, “Mommy, you fell asleep on your ‘puter again.”

#5. Your significant other tells you they heard you talking in your sleep last night and it sounded a lot like “”Where’s the em dash key!?”

#6. You’re driving your kids home from school, and while they are bickering in the back seat, you hear yourself shout, “If you don’t knock it off I’m gonna take you guys to the bookstore again,” and they immediately behave.

#7. Your son says he wants to go as “a blogger” for Halloween.

#8. You find yourself telling your kids to do their chores, picking up the “blog” poop, and “reading” the cat.

#9.You see little fingers reaching under the bathroom door as you sit on the throne with your lap top, trying to finish the last few paragraphs.

#10. You find yourself actually saying “comma” inbetween adjectives when talking to your kids.

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