The Winner’s Circle

We won the Third Annual Contest of Whatever for killing Buster the Possum! Hooray! I’ll post pictures of the kids’ prizes after they choose them. I can’t thank Evil Squirrel enough for hosting an awesome contest and, what’s more, having an amazing blog! Too much fun!

The big day has finally arrived, and two of brave souls who entered this year’s Contest of Whatever are about to leave with fabulous parting gifts prizes!!! But first, let’s give some p…

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Death by Minions: Buster’s Tragedy

I’m doing something a little different today. Something out of the norm. My kiddos are off school for rodeo break (only us Tucsonans know what that is – Google it if you want) and I thought it would be fun to partake in a contest. A friend of mine entered The Anual Contest of Whatever over at The Evil Squirrel’s Nest. And I decided to give it a try. Basically, you must make Buster, one of ES’s cartoon characters die. And I employed the help of my girl spawn (8 yrs old) for set design and photography, and boy spawn (5 yrs old) for story writing. Here’s what they came up with.

Death by Minions: Buster’s Tragedy


Buster the possum was eating leaves and didn’t notice the minions were coming. They tied him to the train track, smashed his arms and legs, and killed him dead. Then they throwed him in the garbage. The minions left but the possum came back to life. He ran away to his little hole for safety. Then he ate some food and he lived happy.
The end.


So that’s it. Haha. I love how my 5 year old couldn’t bear the loss of Buster and brought him back to life. Too sweet. I also love how Buster is seemingly flipping us off in the afterlife. No shame in that possum’s game.


Enter a caption

There you have it: our entry in the third annual contest of whatever. I hope you enjoyed this as much as me and my kiddos did. There’s still time to enter, but the contest ends tomorrow morning. Go here for the rules.

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Broken Souls (Unfortunate Souls Book 2) is up for pre-order!

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Broken Souls, the second book in my Unfortunate Souls Series is now available here for pre-order on Amazon for kindle! Yay! It will be live and ready to read on November 30th! And for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Unfortunate Souls Series, here is the link for book 1. You can use Amazon’s ‘look inside’ function to read the first couple chapters and see what you’ve been missing. (A little secret for you- Rogue Souls, book 3, is nearing the finish line as well, and should be available sometime close to Christmas! So exciting!)

Look at this cover! Isn’t it pretty? <3

Grab Broken Souls today and tell your friends about it!


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Hooray! Creepies 2, The wonderfully horrific second edition of creepy short stories and poems, is finally here! And in lieu of its release, Writer’s Poet’s and Deviants, the fabulous group of writers who created the compilation, are celebrating by making Creepies 2 Free today for Halloween! It’s awesome! (And not to mention my short story Sunsets and Ginger Ale is a part of the mash!) Portions of proceeds go to the MS foundation. Grab your copy here today!


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Unfortunate Souls Haunted Halloween Giveaway!

UnfortunateSoulsEbookYes, you heard me right! The Unfortunate Souls Series is finally here and is officially being released on Amazon on Thursday, October the 22nd! (I’ll post the link that day.)  And in lieu of the release, I’m having an amazingly fun party for those of you on Facebook, where I’ll be giving away Amazon Gift Cards, Free books, and spooky goodies! Click the link below to join in on the FUN!

(And be on the lookout for links to book 2 and 3 in the very near future! Hopefully sometime in November and December.)

And have a super spooky Halloween my poor, unfortunate Friends!😀

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Is Perfectionism Killing Your Writing Career? –

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The Great Amazon Hysteria… Part 31

David Gaughran

ChickenLittleAre you scared yet? Because you should be scared. Something really bad is about to happen. It affects all of us.

Our livelihoods are at risk. The ability to support our families. It’s just over the horizon. It could happen any minute. It’s coming for all of us!



I’ve been around for long enough to know that authors can be a skittish bunch. Probably something to do with our over-active imaginations, with an assist from that old writers’ favorite: the whiskey brunch.

More seriously, we are going through a period of unprecedented change so it’s perfectly normal for people to be a little fearful. I think the disruption we are all experiencing is greater than that which has been faced by similar industries. In fact, I think the transition from print book to e-book is akin to going straight from vinyl to MP3, with all that…

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Why Flashbacks Ruin Fiction

Flashbacks taking over? Check out why Kristen Lamb says they’re a no no!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Sally Jean Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Sally Jean

We have been discussing Deep POV, and yesterday I mentioned hating flashbacks with the power of a thousand suns and promised to explain why next post.

Yay! Here we are.

So you want to be a writer. Okay. I’ll be blunt because that’s my superpower. Check your conscience at the door keyboard. Writers are not civilized humans. In fact, we are the opposite. We are the reptilian brain to the power of a million. We probe and prod and poke the weak places.

Great storytellers are nothing short of sadists. We take a perfectly empathetic/likable person, toss their life in a Vita-Mix and blend, churning that mixture from Level 1-1000.

That is called conflict.

Stories are about people with problems to be solved. Everything else is a travel brochure.

One of the reasons I LOVE teaching craft is I get…

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How to Manage Scenes in a Novel—Structure Part 8

Kristen Lamb's Blog

As a fiction author, you will often feel like an acrobat spinning plates while standing on your head and juggling fiery chainsaws. There are so many components to keep track of, lest you end up down the Bunny Trail of No Return. Organization is key when it comes to being a successful novelist.

Before we continue, if you want better odds of winning my 20 page critique at the end of the month, I am running a separately drawn contest over on my Dojo Diva blog where I am talking about why everyone (but especially females) needs at least some basic self-defense training. Comments count for one entry. Comments with a hyperlink count for two. And you get to learn about beating up bad people.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.54.31 AM

Moving on…

We have spent the past few weeks studying the fundamentals of what makes up a novel, and today we are going to discuss the…

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Persistence Prevails When All Else Fails—Being an Outlaster

Amazingly inspirational post by Kristen Lamb. Applies to anyone, but great for authors.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.34.33 AM

Monday we talked about The DIP, so it seemed like a good idea to talk about being an OUTLASTER. I had years of honing this skill. Some of you may not know, but I dropped out of high school twice. 

***Note: I am the reason for the current Texas truancy laws😀 .

Returning to high school and graduating at 19 was seriously humbling. My GPA was so low, my classes (very literally) were one step above Special Ed. When I took my SAT, the scores were so bad, I thought they might check me for a pulse.

Really glad they gave me some points for spelling my name correctly, LOL.

After a year and a half of junior college I won an Air Force scholarship to TCU to become a doctor. Six months in, the school didn’t close when we had a bad ice storm and I slipped…

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